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                                       Oregon Cedar Company
                                                        (By appointment only)
                                                              (Location in south Independence Oregon)
                                                       We have a lot of slabs for sale, retails and wholesale slabs,
                                               with great
prices, if you are looking for a pallet or two, a half 
                                                     trailer or truck loads of slabs, please contact us. We supply wood 
                                                        slabs to Flo
rida, Canada, California, Arizona, Wisconsin and more.  
                                We  Provides quality mill work and hard to find cuts of
                                         Native Northwest Western red Cedar, Redwood, Maple burl,
                                          Splated, quilted, Black Walnut, Bastonge walnut and more.
                                  We collect old logs, that have been sitting for 3-10 years,
                                  we have all air dried slabs are ready to work with(8%-15%),
                                              We have unique slabs for dinning table, Bar and Counter tops,
                                        burls for art, and a wide variety of length and dimensions
                                                         of all wood. We buy logs locally . We do custom cut western red cedar, 
                                                                  fir,  for big beams, posts, and more sizes.  full dimensions,
                                                           good quality wood, no sap, not green, logs from forest at Detroit Lake in Oregon. 
                                  We look forward to taking care of your lumber needs.
                             Please check our   Facebook page, X  and  Instagram
                             "Oregon cedar company" for more pictures of slabs
and update everyday.
                                                 Location in  Stapleton road south Independence Oregon 97351. 
                                                Please message , text or call for the address.
                                              (Payments cash, check, or Venmo)
                                       By appointment Only 
                                         (Monday- Sunday- 9am-4pm)
 Call or text for other times 

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